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About Our Products

Are Natural Clarity Enhanced diamonds natural diamonds?

Natural Enhanced diamonds that have formed deep within the earth millions of years ago. The only difference is that after the cutting process they have been clarity enhanced to improve their appearance.

What is the Natural Clarity Enhancement process?

A diamond-like substance is used to enhance the surface reaching inclusions of a cut diamond. The enhancement solution has a closer refractive index to a diamond. After the diamond is enhanced, light is then able to travel through the stone easier making the inclusion appear almost invisible.

Will the Enhancement change the color and weight of my diamond?

The Clarity Enhancement process will not add any extra weight to your diamond because only a microscopic amount of enhancement substance is used. The color will not change because the enhancement is stable and durable.

Are Natural Clarity Enhanced diamonds durable?

The Gemological Institute of America has stated that the enhancement used in Clarity Enhanced diamonds is durable under normal wear and tear. Toxic acids and extremely high heat can potentially damage the enhancement.

What happens if my enhancement gets damaged?

If by any chance the enhancement gets damaged, please send back the ring to us and we will gladly re-enhance the stone at no additional cost.

How do I clean my Natural Enhanced Diamond?

Natural Enhanced Diamonds are durable gemstones but require special care when cleaning. Never use ammonia based cleaners. Inside your order package we provide our own cleaning substance for free, just follow the directions on the cleaning kit.

Are other gemstones enhanced?

Many gemstones are normally enhanced. Emeralds are commonly oiled, Sapphires, Rubies, Amethyst and Aqua Marine are heat enhanced, Pearls are bleached, Topaz is irradiated. Enhancing gemstones is an accepted practice in the jewelry industry. We believe in full disclosure to our customers, we stand behind our diamonds.

Can any diamond be enhanced?

Only a certain type diamonds can be enhanced. One out every six hundred diamonds qualifies to undergo our enhancement processes, making every diamond extremely valuable and highly demanded.

Are Natural Enhanced Diamonds Certified?

Every Natural Enhanced Diamond comes with a reputable gemological laboratory certificate from Accredited Gemological Institute.

Conflict Free Diamonds?

Every diamond we sell is guaranteed conflict free. We take extra steps through our rigorous verification process to insure the diamonds we source and sell to our customers have been met with compliance of the Patriot Act as well as the Kimberly Process.

Can I come in person to look at your products?

Yes, our showroom is available by appointment only. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our gemologists. See contact page for details.