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Improving the appearance of gemstones is a practice that mankind has been perfecting for thousands of years. The Minoans applied thin gold foil to the back of transparent stone to increase their reflectivity. The Romans enhanced their emeralds from the famous Cleopatra mines in Egypt to make their fractures less noticeable. Most gemstones are imperfect because of the way they are formed in nature, but the desire to possess flawless gems has inspired mankind to perfect what Mother Nature has created. Today, all of the most popular and highly desired gems normally undergo enhancement. At Imagine Diamonds, we want the consumer to be fully aware and informed about our type of clarity enhancement. Providing full disclosure and education is part of our ethical code.

Sapphires & Rubies

Sapphires and Rubies have a lot in common, but their main difference is in the elements that cause their color. 95% of these two gemstones undergo a “heat treatment” process that exposes them to very high temperatures for the purpose of improving their color. This is a very common and accepted practice today.

Emeralds & Diamonds

Emeralds commonly have eye-visible feathers that are rendered invisible through an enhancement process using oils.  This procedure is so commonly practiced today that it is actually very rare to encounter an emerald that is not enhanced. This is similar to how diamonds are enhanced, but we use our own proprietary diamond-like substance that is more permanent. With the wide acceptance of enhanced sapphires, rubies and emeralds, it’s practical and affordable for consumers to embrace enhanced diamonds.

The Imagine Promise

We pride ourselves in offering a budget-friendly diamond that brilliantly sparkles and is 100% natural. We want you to feel confident that we fully stand behind our product, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and buyback program after three years.

We know that once you understand the Imagine Diamonds process, you will appreciate the beauty, durability and affordability of our gemstones.